NVA TSCS / The Speaker Cable Statement (previously known as LS7) Speaker Cable

TSCS – The Speaker Cable Statement (Previously known as LS7) is a 156 separately insulated cores of higher quality thinner silver alloy. All the benefits of LS6 but with far more open access to the music.

Available in a wide range of lengths.


Customer Review

I recently upgraded to LS7, so here are my thoughts so far. 

I was already perfectly happy with LS6 between my A80 Mk1's and Cube 1's, and doubted how much they could be improved on. But I was intrigued by the comments in praise of LS7 and decided to give it a try (especially with the generous upgrade option and 30 day returns policy).

For a brand new cable, first impressions were very positive. Music was immediately more dynamic, bass and treble more prominent and the flow of the music noticeably easier to follow. The sound just seemed to fill the room more, as if the 156 cores had opened the floodgates.

LS7 is very revealing of whatever it's presented with. I had been making adjustments to my PL-71 and at first vinyl sounded bright and harsh. It turned out that LS7 was highlighting the effects of misalignment in the arm and cartridge.

Differences in recording and pressing quality are also more apparent. I never knew just how much detail was hidden in the grooves of some of my old LP's. Again, presentation was vibrant and involving. As impressive as LS7 is at resolving detail, it's the ability to convey the spirit and emotion in a recording that draws me in. This was already apparent with my NVA setup, so I imagine that LS7 is allowing more of these characteristics to come through. 

The usual NVA qualities of space, dynamics and realism were enhanced with LS7. Any initial brightness was short-lived with the sound becoming smoother as the cables were run in. LS7 will not hide any deficiencies, as I found with the Pioneer, but will be transparent to upgrades and other changes.

I only needed to switch once between LS6 and LS7 as the improvement was all too obvious. I find that I soon stop trying to listen to a new cable in its own right and start to think of it as an integral part of the system. In this case, it appears to be the "missing link" in my system, allowing it to show its true potential. NVA products are designed to complement each other and my experience of SSP, LS5, LS6 and now LS7 confirms that a cable upgrade can make a significant contribution to the overall performance.

The price may be quite a jump from the more affordable NVA cables, but for me its performance and construction more than justify the price, and reinforce the benefits of following the NVA upgrade path. 

It will be interesting to see how much and for how long the LS7 continues to improve with use. What I do know is it won't be going back after the 30 day trial.