NVA P50 Preamplifier

All 4 inputs are identical and hardwired to the selector switch using silver alloy cable with PTFE cover. The output of the switch is routed to the volume control and tape socket again with the silver alloy cable. The volume control is a very high quality plastic film potentiometer. The signal is routed by using silver alloy cable. There are three sets of output sockets in parallel to facilitate single / bi / tri-amping.

NVA P50 Specifications:

  • Controls - Volume and source select

  • Inputs - Four line level and direct

  • Output - Three pairs of 'pre-outs' for single / bi / tri amp support - plus tape output

  • Dimensions - w250mm x h70mm x d210mm

For turntable use you must use an NVA Phono1 or Phono2 external phono stage or equivalent. 

Not all Power Amplifiers are suitable for use with a Passive Pre-Amp and the manufacture should be contacted to assess suitability.

Warranty is for two years parts and labour and after that a further three years it will be repaired on a no profit / cost basis.

NVA P50 Preamplifier - Front

NVA P50 Preamplifier - Rear

'Over a period of several weeks I used the P50 preamp and Phono 2 head amp both within this system and with a variety of source and amplification components from other manufacturers. I think it's fair to report that overall `the amp done good!'