NVA Cube1 Loudspeakers

Over the last year we have been redesigning and putting back into production the Cube/Cubix speaker systems. This one the Cube1 is the middle of the range being a standmount 300mm (12inch) cube constructed of 20mm acrylic plate with an upward firing 8inch bass / mid driver and a forward firing tweeter.

Designed as a semi omni to integrate with the room acoustic instead of fighting it the way normal speakers do. Upward firing bass driver means the bass notes are in phase with the mechanical coupling as opposed to being 90deg out of phase as with normal speakers. This gives very tight and musical bass. There is no crossover on the bass / mid driver as the driver is doped and designed to attenuate naturally and also the higher the frequency the more directional the signal is so the driver position naturally attenuates as well. Tweeter is a high quality and well established Danish design. There is a single very expensive paper in oil capacitor as the low frequency protection for the tweeter, so effectively this is a crossover less loudspeaker which is of great benefit to the musical reproduction.

Warranty is for two years parts and labour and after that a further three years it will be repaired on a no profit / cost basis.

Please note the stands shown in the photos do not come with the speaker, but are available on eBay to buy from another supplier (just search oak speaker stands).

NVA Cube1 Speakers

NVA Cube1 Speakers