NVA BMU / Balanced Mains Unit

Normal mains is single ended. By changing this to balanced you remove noise and distortion from the mains by out of phase noise cancellation (like noise cancelling headphones).

This is done by using a balanced line transformer to deliver the signal, in this case AC mains. It plugs in the mains wall socket and acts as a distribution box to four separate sockets mounted on the top of the unit, these can be used the same as any mains socket.

The major benefit goes beyond this though as the BMU frees up your amplifier and sources to deliver a far cleaner and more musical signal to your speakers. This is very much a try and be shocked by the benefit product so our 30 day trial / refund period is important to give customers confidence. So far none have been returned.

NVA Balanced Mains Unit

NVA Balanced Mains Unit – Top