NVA AP20 Integrated Amplifier

The addition of a full range of line inputs, a tape loop, more power - and larger power supply - brings us the AP20 integrated. All the musical qualities of the AP10 are present and correct, but we now have the ability to drive less efficient speakers, to higher volume. Compared to the AP10, the sound has not only gained dynamic headroom but allows musical flow to breathe with more freedom.

NVA AP20 Specifications:

  • Inputs - Four line level

  • Outputs - 4mm speaker sockets

  • Power Output - 25w per channel

  • Power Supply - 100va

  • Dimensions - w360mm x h65mm x d210mm

Warranty is for two years parts and labour and after that a further three years it will be repaired on a no profit / cost basis.

Available in 120v or 240v please stipulate on purchase.

NVA AP20 Integrated Amplifier

NVA AP20 Integrated Amplifier

'Stick with sensible low/medium resistance, low-capacitance cable and a pair of sensitive speakers and you too will discover the unforced and delightfully natural performance of NVA's AP20.'


Only NVA LS1, LS2, LS3, LS5, LS6 and LS7 is recommended for use with this amplifier, other cables will invalidate the warranty. 

For best sound the amplifier should be left powered up. Electricity consumption is very low. It is for this reason that the power switch is located on the back panel, where it may not be easy to reach. Turn the amplifier off when you do not intend to listen to it for extended periods.

NVA amplifiers are unique, and one thing that makes them so is the minimal compensation for the output stage. It is very possible to send this amplifier into oscillation by connecting too large a capacitive load on the output, the usual culprit being unsuitable speaker cable such as Litz or Goertz type constructions.

If you insist on using other cable (this will invalidate warranty) please ensure it is no more than 200pf per metre and it should not be used in lengths over 10 metres. If you wish to Bi-Wire this can only be done with NVA cable and they can be made that way on order for a small added cost.

For design performance only NVA Sound Pipe, Super Sound Pipe or Sound Cord Interconnects should be used, but this is for sonic as opposed to safety reasons.